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Reading is not complicated if taught correctly. ABLE TO READ instructors provide a complete course encompassing all the sounds, rules and processes of reading. We begin with word-attack skills and then build progressively through comprehension, retention, evaluation, application and fluency. It works for everyone... children, teenagers and adults.

Individualized Reading Programs

Our instructors focus on each student individually, adapting teaching to meet the needs of each student, not those of a group or class. Along the way, we constantly give uplifting and positive reinforcement to show the student just what they are... special! When they see the success they make with us, their confidence level increases and they begin to see the possibilities being "Able to Read" makes in their lives.

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Do You Know

The popular spelling rule that says e before i after c is more often wrong than right?

The 7 vowels and their sounds?

The 14 ways to spell the sound of 'shun' and why they are so important?

Why is there a silent D in words such as Ledge & Hedge?

When C copies the sound of S and when it copies the sound of K? This important rule affects about 250,000 words.

Why there is a silent W in words such as Low & Glow?

10 Reasons to Read Well

1. Read to understand the past.
2. Read to explore your world.
3. Read to plan for your future.
4. Read to visit new places.
5. Read to create great things.
6. Read to make good decisions.
7. Read to have fun.
8. Read to exercise your mind.
9. Read to keep in touch.
10. Read because you can!

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